DM Civil continually invest in equipment and technology in order to maximise value for their customers, increase safety and make their on-site and off-site processes as efficient as possible. We use APE Mobile – a paperless site app, which runs on iPad’s and on PCs in our office. By using this app, there is no more bulky paper documentation to be taken onsite and our forms can be completed with up-to-date information and data.

We believe the less time our supervisors spend doing paperwork, the more time they spend adding value to our customers’ projects and keeping our teams safe.

The system makes data easily accessible, online and offline, onsite or back at the office, and helps us manage site progress, reporting, compliance and productivity.

We have integrated all our form templates, such as Daily Job Sheets, Compaction Test Reports, Checklists, Pressure Test Records, P.O. Requests, Productivity Logs and Instructions. Plus safety forms such as Incident Reports, Site Inductions, Pre-start Checklists, Permits to Work & Job Safety Assessments are easily accessible for immediate on-site referral and completion.

Site drawings can be automatically modified and distributed with current status and real-time data so our Site Managers can be assured of the latest information. Mark-ups can instantly be shared with the team as annotation layers, or snap-shotted for inclusion in any forms, making quick site approvals possible.

By capturing data entered in forms and storing it in a central database APE Mobile makes everything associated with a job ready to be exported to other business systems. The time saved is measured in days for our office teams, who instead of trying to manually extract hand written information can simply run an export, so more time can be spent analysing data and improving customer outcomes.

By using this paperless technology, we continue to streamline our processes to maximize efficiency and deliver client value.