Deepdale Pipe Protection Works

We were engaged by Abigroup to complete these works due to our extensive experience with water infrastructure and protection works.

  • Client:

    Lend Lease

  • Location:

    Karratha, Roebourne

  • Construction Period:

    Oct – Dec 13

  • Key Elements:

    • Detailed Excavation
    • Structural concrete
    • Protection of Assets
    • MSCL pipe installation
    • Culvert Construction
    • Pressure Testing

Project overview

We were engaged by Abigroup to complete these works due to our extensive experience with water infrastructure and protection works.

The location at 37.5kp required a new pipe bridge to be constructed over the new double rail span to duplicate the existing 648mm diameter (DN650) mild steel concrete lined (MSCL) pipe which spanned the old single rail corridor. The pipework attached to the new bridge was then to be redirected and cut into the existing pipeline. Following this cut-in, the existing DN650 pipe bridge was to be craned out and disposed off site.

The location at 45.7kp required the concrete encasement of twin pipelines, DN700 MSCL and DN1000 MSCL, feeding water from Harding Dam into the Cape Lambert Branch to allow a multi-plate arched steel culvert to be constructed and backfilled.

DM Civil successfully completed this project within strict timeframes and with no disruption to RTIO’s rail operations.

Significant achievements and benefits

DM Civil was able to secure this project because of our expertise in pipeline construction and our intimate knowledge of Water Corporation’s expectations and technical specifications.

Abigroup (now Lend Lease) was on an extremely tight contract program to deliver their rail formation to Rio Tinto Iron Ore (RTIO), including the complex pipe protection works. The timing of the pipe protection works being completed was crucial to the success of their project. We were able to beat these tight timeframes for both sections of the project.

Our in-house experience in water infrastructure and our close contact with pipe and fittings suppliers allowed for lead times to be minimised for the supply of non-standard materials. This included a pipe size not currently used by Water Corporation and high pressure valves required to meet design specifications. Our construction site management streamlined the process by liaising with Water Corporation asset inspectors and permit issuers.

We worked through this intensive project in close proximity to Abigroup’s rail formation works. We were able to complete the works without affecting RTIO rail operations and the water supply to the loading facilities at Point Samson. This was an excellent result considering shutdown timeframes were very rigid and organisation and logistics management were paramount.

With close liaison and providing a high level of flexibility, DM Civil and Abigroup were able to achieve crucial deadlines and maintain onsite efficiencies in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Download the Deepdale Pipe Protection Works project report