Walkaway Pump Station

The Walkaway Water Supply Pumping Station is an important part of the Geraldton Water Supply Scheme.

  • Client:

    Water Corporation

  • Location:

    Walkaway WA

  • Construction Period:

    Mar 10 – Feb 12

  • Key Elements:

    • Detailed Earthworks
    • Building construction
    • Structural Steel erection
    • Mechanical Installation
    • Electrical Control Installation
    • Subcontractor Management

Project overview

The pumping station is a 36m long, 22m wide and 6m high building that includes an electrical switch room, control room, transformer room, MCC room and main gallery where the pipework, motors, pumps and connections are located. The main gallery is serviced with a 5 tonne Eilbeck electric gantry crane. Construction of the pumping station through the Midwest’s prevailing high winds added some challenges to the project. However, we managed these conditions without causing delays to the programme.

Mechanically the pumping station is served by 3 No 630kW Teco motors coupled with Flowserve split casing centrifugal pumps, DN800 MSCL pipework, suction and delivery pipe manifolds, a gravity bypass main that interconnects with the suction manifold, DN800 isolation valves, magnetic flow meters and chemical dosing pipework. Connections to the existing trunk water mains were completed for the region. Electrically, we supplied and installed the necessary electrical controls, cabinets and power supply for the pumping station.

We constructed, supplied and installed all elements of the Walkaway Pumping Station.

Through flexible construction methods, utilising local resources and expertise, the largest potable water pumping station north of Perth was completed to the satisfaction of the client, Water Corporation. 

Significant achievements and benefits

We have a proud history of constructing water infrastructure.  It was a sign of confidence from the Water Corporation that we were selected as primary contractor for the largest water supply pumping station north of Perth. We provided civil, mechanical and electrical expertise to successfully deliver this project.

Walkaway is the largest water supply pumping station north of Perth. The building was complex in design with a roof structure that curved in both directions requiring innovation in manufacturing and construction techniques. Intricate concrete footing and slab details were constructed to suit several levels to support services and plant such as the pumps, control rooms and transformers.

The timing in awarding this contract forced the construction of critical elements into unfavourable weather conditions. This called for flexible construction methods and innovative programming to maintain continuous production. We provided the contacts, logistics and technical solutions to allow the project to meet necessary deadlines.

DM Civil safely installed the curved roof under occasionally high winds. The mechanical and electrical (M&E) fit out of the pump station was a large scale component of the contract. DM Civil’s knowledge and experience in coordinating M&E elements ensured successful commissioning and quality delivery of the project to the Water Corporation.

The Walkaway pump station demonstrated our full capacity in delivering total package solutions to our client, Water Corporation.

Our experience in water infrastructure projects has provided streamlined management and logistics to complete work across Western Australia. The Water Corporation received their asset on time and to a high quality standard. 

Download the Walkaway Pump Station project report