DM Civil


DM Civil contractors Perth have been installing concrete pipes since the company’s incorporation in 1976.

We have installed concrete pipe sizes from DN100, used for water mains, up to DN2250 for stormwater and sewer mains and access chambers and DN3000 installed vertically for waste water pumping station wet wells.

DM Civil have installed, interlocking butt, slim lined steel band, mortar and rubber ring spigot and socket and rubber ring slip jointed pipes.

Pipeline construction of large trunk sewer mains, greater than DN600, are with PVC plastic lined concrete pipe for protection from H2S gas corrosion. DM Civil have the personnel to install and weld these pipes and also to manufacture precast or cast in situ plastic lined and “chased” access chambers. DM Civil’s Trenchless Technology division utilise rubber ring, slim-line jointed concrete jacking pipes for direct installation behind our range of microtunneling machines either as a casing for service pipes or as the final product pipe.

We also utilise butt ended, steel band jointed jacking pipes in dry ground conditions either as a casing pipe or the final product pipe for stormwater applications in our auger boring operations.

The majority of concrete pipe installed by DM Civil is rubber ring spigot and socket jointed stormwater pipes laid to line, level and grade on new urban development subdivisions. These pipes are connected to vertically installed rubber ring jointed concrete pipes or interlocking butt jointed liners used for access chambers or gully pits.

DM Civil have the capability and experience to install concrete pipes and also box culverts utilising a range of installation techniques. The benefit to the client is that we are able to offer cost effective solutions and delivery performance regardless of the project size or constraints.