DM Civil


DM Civil personnel are trained and experienced in the construction of cement mortar lined Ductile Iron pipelines (DICL).

Examples are the DN600 Hotham River water supply main for Boddington Gold Mine in 1986, DN375 & DN300 Southern Fortescue borefield mains for Tom Price in 1989, DN375 PN35 Southern Fortescue bore transfer main for Tom Price in 1992, DN500 Roebuck Estate distribution main in Broome in 1997 and 130 kilometres of DN500 PN35 & PN20 borefield transfer main for Karara Iron Ore Project in 2011.

DM Civil utilise a combination of excavators and trenching machines for trench excavation and specialised equipment for offloading with vacuum lifters, sand boxes with levelling rakes for bedding preparation, remote controlled bedding compactors, excavators fitted pipe laying mandrels for plastic sleeving and jointing, side feeding conveyor belt trucks for sand pipe padding and excavator mounted hydraulic vibrating plate compactors with leg attachments for compaction of sand padding around the side of the pipes.

DM Civil’s 95 tonne and 70 tonne trenching machines, which are capable of trenches up to 1,300mm wide, are valuable to handle mixed soil and rock conditions to minimise drilling and blasting and also removal of unsuitable large backfill rock material.

DM Civil also has a range of bore and also surface mounted pumps for filling the mains and a large high pressure piston pump for hydrostatic testing up to PN35.

This equipment plus trained and experienced personnel ensure that high levels of productivity and pipe installation are achievable, which provides out clients with the benefit of value for money cost and also delivery of their DICL pipelines on program.