DM Civil



DM Civil has construction personnel who are trained and fully conversant with the installation of solvent weld and rubber ring jointed PVC pipe to line, depth of cover, level and grade as required for gravity sewer, stormwater drainage, water reticulation and waste water pressure mains up to DN450 and PN20 pressure rating.

DM Civil’s Trenchless Technology division can direct install DN150 to DN300 PVC pipe, to line level and grade, in sandy soils with Water Corporation approved slim-line spigot and socket joints, by either pilot auger boring or microtunnelling techniques.

Polyethylene (PE)

Historically DM Civil have constructed many PE pipelines for mining companies utilising butt or electro-fusion welded and also Victaulic or compression coupling joints for potable and process water supply and slurry discharge pipelines.

Polyethylene pipes lend themselves to above ground welding and installation utilising trenching machines for excavation or direct burial via horizontal directional drilling under roadways or rivers & creeks. Both these techniques, plus auger boring under roads were utilised by DM’s in 2014 for the construction of the Water Corporation’s DN450 Yanchep waste water pressure main.


DM Civil have installed GRP gravity sewer mains such as the DN300 Joondalup Main in 1990, DN750 Westfield Main in 1997 and DN600 East Perth Main in 1998.

DM Civil’s Trenchless Technology Division have also installed GRP gravity sewer mains using microtunnelling for the DN900 Farnley Street sewer main in 1993 and microtunnel bore, sleeve and grout of the DN500 Yanchep Sewer main in 2014.

In 1997, DM Civil installed DN375 and DN450 GRP bore water pressure main as a part of Water Corporation’s Mt Hill Borefield south east of Geraldton and in 1999 DM Civil installed 3.4km DN450 GRP Guildford sewer pressure main using a combination open trench and auger boring techniques.

The benefit to clients is that DM Civil have demonstrated cost effective experience and capacity to undertake installation of the complete range of plastic pipelines.