DM Civil

2021 CCF Training and Industry Awards

June 2022

CCF’s Training and Industry Awards night was held on Friday 20th May at Crown. Dale A. was a finalist for Supervisor of the Year and Bruce M. was a finalist for Plant Operator of the Year. Both categories were strong and hotly contested, with 8 and 7 nominees respectively.

Dale was nominated for his outstanding performance on the Bickley Road, Kenwick, cast iron renewal project – his first official project as a Supervisor.

Dale showed both the desire and the capability to succeed. As a Leading Hand, he was already understanding full project scopes, planning ahead to assist Supervisors with ordering of materials, mentoring less experienced team members and liaising with key stakeholders. Dale was trusted by clients, warmly received by residential/commercial community members and well respected by his peers.

Aging infrastructure along Bickley Road had resulted in a number of pipe bursts and residential properties being adversely impacted. The client had placed a high priority on this project and needed it delivered promptly and efficiently to appease resident angst.

Dale’s strength is his ability to communicate with all levels within the business as well as with key stakeholders. Although new to supervisory responsibility, Dale was able to communicate project progress with various client personnel in the absence of his Project Manager.

Aware of the heightened sensitivity of this project, Dale communicated openly and regularly with residents along the project route. He made his crew aware of the need to assist where possible, even if it was beyond usual expectations. No complaints were received about community disruptions throughout the project.

Dale also provides flexibility for the company. He happily takes on different roles when required. For example, Dale has added value to our crew working across various Alcoa projects, willing to operate machines or lay pipe. He knows whatever his contribution, it will lead to successful outcomes not only for the project but the company as a whole.

Bruce was nominated as one of our leading operators for 20 years and his commitment to ensuring that project milestones are met. His diverse experience across our capabilities makes him a valuable resource on projects which require attention to detail and high levels of consistent performance.

Bruce has great awareness of his operating environment, understanding and adapting his skill accordingly. The Roleystone DN760 Pipe Renewal for Water Corporation required a 150m long section that crossed Butcher Road and descended down to the Canning River at a 1 in 3 slope. Working on this gradient, particularly in clay soils with granite outcrops, during the wettest winter in Perth on record, posed significant safety risks.

Bruce achieved this pipe lay with no impact or damage to surrounding vegetation, the Canning River at the base of the slope, or his machine.

He’s trusted to work in high visibility and environmentally sensitive areas. With aged underground infrastructure and live or redundant services that are quite often unmapped on DBYD or service location reports, Bruce proceeds with caution and instinctively knows what feels different during excavation. On the Fremantle Main Drain project along Phillimore Street, the original drain, constructed in the 1800s, had heritage and archaeological significance. Based on an old City of Fremantle drawing, the approximate location of the drain was identified. Bruce assisted the archaeologists to uncover the drain by using a 1T machine. The use of mechanical excavation is non-standard practice so close to a service, but the archaeologists trusted Bruce’s expertise and allowed him to excavate, saving time and effort hand digging. The uncovered wooden box drain stretched almost 25m.

Although Dale and Bruce didn’t win their categories, the recognition received was greatly deserved. Thank you both for everything you’ve achieved and congratulations for the successful outcomes to which you’ve contributed.