Our recent project news and what's been happening at DM Civil.

TCS1800 arriving 1

DM Civil’s microtunnelling fleet has grown

June 2019

One of DM Civil's key trenchless technology capabilities are our slurry microtunnelling machines which are capable of installing pipes from DN150 up to DN1800 into soils up to 5MPa strength and rock up to 150MPa strength.

DMC web header Morooka

Morooka MST 800E Modification - Pipe and Flat-Bed Tray Carrier

December 2018

DM Civil’s DN700 Neerabup Bore Main project poses a number of challenges. One of these challenges was delivery of 12 metre long, 2.0 tonne DN700 MSCL pipes along parts of the pipe route that won’t permit the use of road transport trucks. 

DMC web header Kenworth mover

DM Civil Transport Fleet Management

October 2018

In keeping with the DM Civil policy of long term investment, our Kenworth prime mover has undergone a full rebuild. This follows 1,154,000 kilometres of heavy equipment haulage over 12 years.