DM Civil

Bruce Shaw Retirement

June 2022

After 34 years, Bruce Shaw has officially retired!  No amount of words here can adequately describe his accomplishments both for the business and the industry, but here goes.

A senior member of our Board of Management, Bruce was our General Manager – Engineering.  He was lead estimator and engineering manager, responsible for production and review of major tender submissions and any engineering improvement included in those bids. His contribution on the Board was highly valued for his engineering expertise and his wisdom in dealing with company direction and strategy.

Bruce is an engineer’s engineer and respected as such by the fraternity.  He mentored our engineering team, with a passion to invest his time in graduates and junior engineers to instill in them the importance of first principles.  He always left us in awe of his ability to recommend various methodologies to construct challenging projects across the whole of WA and was often called upon by clients or consultants to provide construction and budgetary proposals.  From One Arm Point to Albany, Bruce has been involved in most of DM Civil’s most complex and unique projects.

His fascination and understanding of machinery led to inventions and modifications that were backed up by first principles calculations to demonstrate his work.  Industry leading innovations included in-house type 6 sewer access chambers and boom length modifications to our trenching rock saws. His love of machines stemmed back to his late father.

Bruce takes any responsibility, task or call for advice extremely seriously, as anyone who knows him would attest. He is a deep thinker and always concerned for the welfare of others. Bruce’s role in the company and his contribution will be hard to live up to, and his skills hard to replicate. We wish him every happiness in retirement, able to spend quality time with his family and enjoy a well-deserved break.  Congratulations Brucie!