DM Civil

CCF WA Earth Awards 2018

August 2018

For this year’s CCF WA Earth Awards submission we entered the Port Hedland Hospital Demolition and Remediation project.

This project totalled $5.85M and was completed in 10 months, making it a worthy candidate for a Category 3 (projects valued $5M – $10M) nomination.

Port Hedland is a regional town located in the Pilbara with an approximate population of 17,000 people. The old Port Hedland Hospital was in operation from the 1970’s through to 2010. In 2010 new medical facilities including a new hospital were built in South Hedland making the hospital in Port Hedland obsolete. Since 2010 the old hospital has remained unused in any capacity.

DM Civil were awarded the contract to demolish all structures on this site, alongside remediation and earthwork activities.

In greater detail, and in sequence, the scope of works comprised of;

  • Furniture removal and disposal
  • Asbestos containing material identification, removal and disposal
  • Building demolition, material segregation and disposal
  • Service removal, segregation and disposal
  • Contaminated soil removal and disposal
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Detailed Earthworks
  • Through DM Civil’s innovation we began a discussion with the client to offer a more economical method for the earthworks portion of this project. We proposed that once the buildings had been demolished and footings removed we would undertake a detailed survey of the existing ground levels. From this information a cut and fill model was generated to ensure maximum utilisation of the material on site whilst ensuring the maximum slope angle requirement was adhered to. This also triggered the discussion for stormwater runoff modelling, where drains were designed with a basin and rock protection as required.By utilising our ‘Topcon Machine Control Systems’ we provided a massive saving in survey crew, field times and eliminated the need for more than 1000 survey pegs to be installed on site. Using the Machine Control on the Grader, enabled us to accurately trim large areas in a very short time.We were recently notified that this project was selected as a finalist for this category, with the awards night to be held on the 10th of August, where we’ll find out if we’ve won.

    Win or lose, a big thank you and congratulations to everyone involved on this project for another job well done.