DM Civil

DM Civil Charged with the Challenging Task of Replacing Perth’s Ageing Water Pipelines

June 2017

Perth’s ageing water mains network is undergoing an overhaul and DM Civil has been charged with the challenging task of replacing water pipes over 100 years old.

Replacing the pipes now will avoid future bursts and leaks and improve the reliability of this essential service to residential and commercial users.

DM Civil was awarded the contracts as part of the Water Corporation’s “Pipes For Perth” program thanks to its long and proven track record of successfully completing water supply pipelines in high-density, well-established areas with minimal impact on the community.

This is no easy task – replacing buried pipes covered under major roads, in existing communities with a minimal construction footprint presents considerable challenges.

However DM Civil is confident it can handle the projects throughout Perth’s water infrastructure network, with the same proficient and effective workmanship for which it has become renowned since it started building pipelines in 1976.

While every pipeline job is different, DM Civil uses the same uniform approach it applies to every contract. It allocates the required resources and embeds the project within well-developed and tried SEQ processes to ensure delivery of a safe and quality assured project.

To tackle the task, DM Civil resources the projects with its own dedicated in-house operational team, while also taking a collaborative approach via regular internal communication forums to share construction techniques, materials, specialised subcontractors and resources. This allows for the sharing of learned improvements in a streamlined manner.

DM Civil applies significant effort and stringent attention to detail when planning such projects, to ensure minimal impact on the community, while still delivering the project efficiently.

It uses a variety of trenchless techniques to minimise the impact of the project to the community in combination with traditional open excavation to ensure the project’s timely delivery.

DM Civil continues to work on a broad range of pipeline projects and has extensive experience in planning, implementation and logistical management of resources to develop pipeline infrastructure in metropolitan and remote areas. With a well-resourced team, DM Civil can easily and readily undertake any degree of civil works.