DM Civil

DM Civil kicking goals

June 2018

DM Civil undertakes a wide range of project works throughout Western Australia from Albany through to Karratha and beyond. The diversity of the communities amongst which we conduct our activities presents DM Civil with a range of unique challenges and opportunities. DM Civil is committed to undertaking our projects in a responsible manner, such that the potential for disruption to the local community is minimised as much as possible.

However, some degree of disruption is unavoidable and therefore, ensuring that we focus on community engagement in various forms is paramount. Keeping the community informed on the progress and location of upcoming works using various media ensures that they are fully informed and can relay any concerns back to us to rectify in a timely manner.

In addition to informing the locals of our work activities, our crews often become a significant part of these communities for the duration of the works. We are currently working in Nilgen on the outskirts of Lancelin installing 14 kilometres of new water reticulation for the Water Corporation. The duration of this project is five months with several crews calling Lancelin home for this period. Three crew members have decided to join in with training sessions at ‘Lancelin Ledge Point Pirates Football Club.’ This was initially done to maintain their general health and fitness. However, after a few sessions they were asked to play for the league team.

Kyle Dougan, Kade Pescod and Cody Spanjers have been picked to play for the league team each week since their arrival and are making a great impact. So far, they have received several accolades between them including; ‘best forward on ground’ and ‘best on ground’. DM Civil is proud of their efforts and will continue to encourage their contribution back to the community.

DM Civil remains focused on achieving positive outcomes for our key stakeholders, one of which is the local community. This approach affords DM Civil the opportunity to leave Lancelin with the lasting impression that we care about the communities in which we work in addition to delivering a quality project that benefits that community.