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October 2018

In keeping with the DM Civil policy of long term investment, our Kenworth prime mover has undergone a full rebuild. This follows 1,154,000 kilometres of heavy equipment haulage over 12 years.

Kenworth trucks were originally imported from the United States in the 1960’s until a factory was established in Bayswater, Victoria where the iconic brand has been produced ever since. Our truck was purchased new, in 2002 from the Bayswater Victoria factory and driven across the Nullarbor. The cab-over model was chosen to produce the most versatile maximum length combination and to afford our drivers the safest viewing position for our sometimes congested site loading points.

We commissioned a complete engine overhaul to bring the Caterpillar power plant back to original engineering specification. This included welding and reboring of the combustion chambers, new pistons, rings and liners, con rods, bearings, a turbo charger rebuild, new internal and external wiring harnesses, reconditioned fuel injection and an upgraded engine electronic management system. A new fuel pump and new air compressors and hoses have also been fitted. The crankshaft and the cam shaft only required polishing. The engine is a Caterpillar C15 (15 litre capacity) diesel rated at 475 horsepower. The dynamometer testing carried out post-reconditioning has confirmed that this is still the power output following the rebuild.

The Fuller 18 speed gearbox was only recently rebuilt and fitted with a new twin clutch. The radiator has also been re-cored. The drivetrain rear wheel Meritor RT-50 differentials were chosen in the original purchase for heavy long distance work, and are still in excellent condition following their relatively light loading over the lifetime of the truck.

With a paintwork detail, including the engine bay, the truck will be back to original specification and operate and present as a new unit. We expect a minimum of 5 years’ trouble free operation from our reconditioned workhorse. This will vindicate our decision to outlay the original purchase price in order to invest in a truck that is robust and reliable in its operation and that can be refurbished to extend an already considerable life.

The extent of the rebuild also demonstrates the capacity of our workshop management and fitters to maintain our earthmoving and transport fleet using our in-house expertise that has been built over the past 40 years of operation. This is credit to Murray Pich as workshop manager and his team of fitters for their dedication.

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