DM Civil

In-House Land Surveyor Capabilities

January 2018

To ensure streamlined processes on site, DM Civil has in-house survey capabilities to facilitate the needs of our construction crews and safeguards the timing, quality and integrity of data for each project.

Survey control is quite often a hold point in progression of the work. Our internal survey department works in partnership with our project management teams to ensure construction fronts are not delayed or compromised. Therefore, when unexpected changes in design occur, we’re able to rapidly deploy survey control to enable the job fronts to progress.

This proves invaluable when multiple work fronts all need survey input to continue operating in order to meet tight construction programs.

Modern surveying equipment and techniques

Machine control systems installed in construction equipment allow for more complex, detailed and efficient earthworks and roadworks to be completed by plant operators.

Our survey department is prepared with a full range of survey equipment including up to date GPS and Total Station instrumentation.

Adopted use of the “survey network” for projects within the metropolitan area results in quicker and more efficient operations with no base station setup required. This provides for a much safer environment with reduced traffic control required and minimal disturbance to the community.

Drone Surveying

DM Civil is constantly reviewing and introducing new technologies and processes. The most recent being the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for surveying existing ground levels at the Millars Landing subdivision. We have also used a vehicle mounted scanner to survey verge and road surface levels for a 14km pipeline in Nilgen.

We believe our in-house capabilities such as surveying adds value by complementing our construction processes, resulting in cost-effective delivery of a high-quality project within tight programs.

If you’re looking for land surveying services in Perth or Western Australia, please get in touch with DM Civil today.