DM Civil

Investing in new grout equipment at DM Civil

October 2020

DM Civil continues to reinvest in its company owned equipment. Recently, the Trenchless Technology division purchased a new grout pump. The design and procurement of this pump is to meet any changes to client grout specifications used for filling the annulus between pipes and casings in our trenchless technology works.

It is a 3 Phase 415V 7.5 kW (10HP) Abarque HD50 Peristaltic Hose Pump. A Peristaltic pump is similar in operation to the pumps used on concrete pumping units.

It has a fixed position rubber hose that is curved around a 360-degree arc, with the suction at the top and discharge down the bottom. It is classified as a positive displacement pump and in particular a progressive cavity pump.

This pump purchase is in response to market requirements moving away from the traditional gravity fed borehole slurry mix that has been used over the last three decades, to now a sand and cement based pumped grout mix. This mixture flows poorly under its own weight by gravity and therefore requires a pump like this to push the grout into the annular cavity under pressure. This pump will allow DM Civil’s Trenchless Technology Division to meet any new client specification requirements.