DM Civil

Morooka MST 800E Modification – Pipe and Flat-Bed Tray Carrier

December 2018

DM Civil’s DN700 Neerabup Bore Main project poses a number of challenges. One of these challenges was delivery of 12 metre long, 2.0 tonne DN700 MSCL pipes along parts of the pipe route that won’t permit the use of road transport trucks.

Our workshop team developed a solution to modify our existing Morooka MST 800E rubber tracked tip truck to a pipe and also flat-bed tray carrier. Both the workshop and fabrication team collaborated to bring the modification to fruition, and you can see the end result in action as depicted in the header photo.

All the new components are bolted for easy removal for re-fitment of the tip body when required. Various engine components required re-configuration to ensure they didn’t clash with the pipe when being carried.

The Morooka is rated to 4 tonnes as a tip truck; however, with the addition of pipe cradles at each end of the machine and flat-bed platform, the machine is now rated to 3 tonnes in this new configuration.

This modification will allow for the safe transport of the DN700 MSCL pipes and DN1500 scour valve pit components across rough terrain with restricted access and no turn-around for road trucks. The platform also allows safe man access to allow rigging a lifting sling to the middle of the pipe, or chains to precast concrete components.

SEQ has worked in conjunction with the workshop team to develop a JSEA for the correct and safe use and operation of the Morooka in this configuration. Drafted working drawings were supplied to an independent structural engineer to obtain rated capacity certification.

This is a brilliant innovation to allow more diverse use of existing plant and equipment and was an outstanding effort by all involved.