DM Civil

New brand for DM Civil

July 2014

Over the last 6 months we have been working on a rebranding initiative. We are not a new business, nor are we launching any new capabilities or a new management team. This change was driven from the Board’s desire to improve the way we presented our business philosophy, culture and capabilities to our employees, clients and the civil construction industry.

We are a long established, reputable and diverse civil contractor with a great story to tell. Our new brand quickly portrays these attributes and provides the foundations for delivering our story and core principles more broadly than we have ever done before.

Our new logo is a standalone shape that is fresh, bold, modern and solidly grounded in strategy. The distinct forward facing design reflects the progressive direction that our business is taking. The strong corporate blue makes an immediate and clear impression across all of our branded material, from plant and machinery to uniforms and printed documents.

Our new website has been designed to lead our online presence into the future. The responsive design means users on smartphones, tablets and different sized monitors all have optimised viewing. The website is visually appealing, easy to use and dynamic. It showcases our extensive capabilities, highlights some of our project success stories and provides further information about our tailored, sustainable civil construction solutions. We will make regular in-house updates to keep the site current.

It is still business as usual here at DM Civil and we are very proud to launch our new brand. We are committed to continuing to increase our level of service, expanding our base of expertise and improving our client relationships to deliver a guaranteed performance.

Whether you’re new to DM Civil, whether we’ve worked together in the past or you just want to tell us your thoughts on the new brand, we invite you to contact us through the website or connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

We extend our thanks to the Design City team for their creativity and drive to bring together both the branding and marketing package. We also thank Limitless Studios for their video production and our employee, Alan Foley, for providing his imaginative and alternative footage of construction activities on site.