DM Civil

Nicholson Road PRV Building – Not All of DM Civil’s Work Gets Buried

December 2019

We certainly have a diverse range of capabilities and this is not limited to just complex pipeline projects. DM Civil were commissioned to construct a building to house the above ground mild steel cement lined (MSCL) pipework and pressure regulating valves (PRV’s).

The PRV pipework and valve station are all part of the services relocation work DM Civil have been undertaking at the intersection of Nicholson & Armadale Roads, over the last 18 months.

The water supply connection is for Hakea Prison and with continual operation of the PRV’s, there was a noise pollution issue with adjoining properties, which was resolved by the construction of the PRV building to enclose the valves and deaden the noise.

The building incorporates a number of acoustic control devices and features, such as, acoustic ventilation louvres, which allow air movement through the building; however traps noise. The three access doors are made from solid timber, with complete metal cladding and fully sealed around the door perimeter to prevent noise escaping. The roof and ceiling space is fully filled with two layers of acoustic insulation up to 200mm thick to prevent noise escaping.

A feature of the roof is that it has two removable hatches to allow future craneage of the valves for repair & maintenance work. The removable hatches have full perimeter rubber seals for both weather proofing and acoustic properties. The building is constructed using pre-cast concrete wall panels, which feature external texture banding cast into the upper part of the walls.

Our in-house engineers created detailed fabrication drawings for the structural steel roof and pre-fabrication was in our metal fabrication workshop to match with the building program and concrete wall panel construction. Tight dimension control was crucial to a successful outcome. DM Civil procured numerous specification driven specialty components used in the building, some from inter-state and others from overseas.

The prefabricated concrete walls were erected in early November and currently the structural roof components, roof cladding, brick & plaster work, ceiling fixing, external concrete pavement and door installation are complete with only the painting and anti-graffiti coating remaining, which will be complete in the first week of December.

Attention to detail, planning, scheduling, prefabrication and coordination have allowed for a rapid site build and a structure which will stand to serve our client and the community for many years.