DM Civil

Remote Managed Aquifer Recharge North

November 2022

Monadelphous is currently undertaking the construction of the Remote Managed Aquifer Recharge North for Roy Hill to transport mine site dewatering from the operations area to recharge bores via a DN1000 HDPE pipeline. DM Civil was awarded the subcontract to work with Monadelphous to install 4 x DN1500 road crossings under Marble Bar Road.

To complete the project, our trenchless department required the assistance of our internal civil crews to carry out the work autonomously. With our own approved supervisor on site, DM Civil could operate independently and he thrived in this role dealing with the different stakeholders present onsite.

During the first crossing, senior Roy Hill safety personnel attended site to complete an ad-hoc safety audit with our crew. They were very impressed with the professional presentation of all the personnel while discussing Roy Hill operations, the project and what the crew perceived as the risks. A formal inspection was then carried out with only minor comments. This was a great result by the entire team with one of the safety managers complimenting them on a well presented crew with all the correct documentation, PPE, shirts tucked in and boots done up. This is exactly what Roy Hill would like to see from new contractors on site.

The first crossing location has now been completed successfully. Full credit to the crew working closely together, guiding young team members to build experience in auger boring, especially large diameter. It’s been a team effort to have all crew members productive and continuing to complete a high standard of work to date without incident. The outstanding communication on site has been noticed by the client and made mention of numerous times during morning pre-starts meetings.

Header image: The first two DN1500 bores and sleeves successfully completed under Marble Bar Road at Roy Hill.
Photo: Crew installing the second DN1500 sleeve under Marble Bar Road