DM Civil

Successful completion of water infrastructure contract

January 2020

In March 2018, DM Civil became involved in an ECI (Early Contract Involvement) contract to be part of the upgrade Armadale Road from Murdoch Drive to Nicholson Road, including a major over-pass bridge at Nicholson Road.

Initially the works for DM Civil was to replace sections of the existing DN1370 & DN1220 Serpentine Trunk Water Main, which feeds Perth with water from Serpentine Dam. This was to be done with new DN1400 Sintakote® cement lined steel pipe, in stages, on planned shut downs. This was critical work, which required considerable, design, planning, scheduling, coordination and management throughout the works, whilst working in with other construction workers building the new overpass and relocating and replacing other services with new infrastructure.

DMC commenced work on site on the DN1400 mains on the 6th July 2018.

On completion of the DN1400 Serpentine Main upgrade works, DM Civil was awarded additional and new critical water infrastructure works, being completed 18 months later in December 2019.

The last items of work was the construction of a Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) building near the intersection of Nicholson and Warton Road.

DM Civil constructed the new above ground DN400 & DN200 PRV valve station; however due to its proximity to local residences and the noise generated from the continuously operating PRV’s required to be enclosed with an acoustic building to mitigate the nuisance sound.

Like all the other works on this design and construct contract, speed of construction, through anticipation of design and prior planning for bespoke components were a necessity to bring the works to a successful completion, on time and also on budget.

The PRV building was constructed utilising precast concrete tilt up panels and pre-fabricated streel roof truss frame.

This facilitated a speedy on site construction; however dimension control of the tilt-up panels and also the structural steel roofing was critical to ensure this was done properly, once and without re-work.

The PRV building included some unique features:

  • Architectural texture banding to sections of the external wall panels;
  • Two weather & sound proof removable roof hatches to allow later removal, repair and maintenance to the PRV’s;
  • Roof acoustic insulation;
  • Acoustic ventilation louvres;
  • Solid acoustic steel clad doors;
  • Full-surround acoustic door seals.

We worked closely with our client to organise, coordinate and manage specialised contractors, on a best for project basis, to provide a successful outcome on time, budget, quality, environment and safety.

The PRV building was a culmination of a highly successful business relationship to bring all the important new water supply infrastructure on line to allow the new Armadale Road to be opened to the public for use on time.