DM Civil

Successful Site Remediation of Former Landfill Site

May 2016

DM Civil undertook soil remediation works at Lot 816 of Swan Location 10780 on Stephenson Avenue, Mount Claremont in Western Australia. The site, owned by the Christ Church Grammar School (CCGS), occupies the western portion (approximately 30%) of the former Brockway Road Landfill which was closed in 1991. The site has been redeveloped as playing fields and sports pitches for CCGS. DM Civil were engaged by Tabec Consultant Engineers as the ‘Remediation Contractor’ for the works.

DM Civil constructed the works in compliance with a Remedial Action Plan which included screening in excess of 50,000m3 of sand capping material, laying of a geofabric membrane, replacement of screened material, importation of certified clean top-dressing material and associated works. Additional infrastructure work was also awarded to DM Civil during the course of this remediation project, which included a car park area, sewer reticulation, stormwater drainage and the widening of Stephenson Avenue which included a new access road to the parking area.

This was a highly environmentally sensitive project and the remedial component of the project was completed on schedule. It is anticipated that the site will be reclassified by the DER as “Remediated for restricted use”, with all ACM contained beneath a geofabric material. Dust management at the site was conducted in line with the Department of Health’s Guideline for the Assessment Remediation and Management of Asbestos-Contaminated Sites in Western Australia. DM Civil used a combination of water carts for dust suppression and hydro mulching, and as such the established criteria specified in the National Environmental Protection Measure (NEPM) for Ambient Air Quality (NEPC 1998) for fine particulates was not exceeded throughout the program.

DM Civil completed the complex remediation program using an organised and methodical approach, which was necessary to avoid cross contamination of material, particularly when working in constricted areas within each remediation zone. Earthworks, including dust management, were undertaken in accordance with the approved management plan, creating negligible issues with the adjoining residences.

DM Civil covered various roles and worked closely in connection with RPS Field Staff and Project Managers, allowing for efficient scheduling of site activities and maintaining the high level of occupational health, safety and environmental requirements of the project.

Our video showcases a time lapse of the civil construction and soil remediation site activities associated with this project and as well as highlighting processes conducted by DM Civil.

[youtube video=”QKuS9sZQWJs”]