DM Civil

Water Corporation’s Steel Pipeline design and construct contract awarded at Neerabup

November 2018

We have now been awarded Separable Portion 2 of the Neerabup Bore Collector Main. Separable Portion 2 is the construction element of the 500m of DN500 and 3,500m DN800 steel pipeline and follows on from Separable Portion 1 being the design contract. DM Civil will be utilising cement lined and polyethylene coated steel pipe (Sintakote MSCL) in welded, weld restraint and rubber ring joint configurations to complete this project.

The critical path of the contract programme commences with a section of pipeline to be laid behind the Mitchell Freeway Eastern noise wall, north of Moore Drive and south of Burns Beach Road. The route of the main lies beneath Western Power high voltage distribution lines which will be de-energised during construction of this section of works. The shutdown period is relatively short which will require a solid effort from the crews to complete the works on time and remain on the construction program.

The trenchless portion also has its complexities. The diameter and ground conditions for microtunnelling are such that we have purchased additional components for our existing machine to ensure that the rock conditions are not an issue. There is a considerable lead time on these components which means that we are pushed to the back of the programme for these works. Added to the list of complexities is the task of entering the existing DN1800 concrete sleeve that terminates beneath the traffic lane of the freeway. This will require specialist soil stabilisation and careful attention to detail for the bore setup and monitoring process.

We are proud to have been chosen as the contractor for what is a complex and time critical task. Water Corporation considered the award over a long period due to the contract risks, of which there are many. Our diverse capabilities and experience across all our capabilities will ensure the successful delivery of this project through meticulous engineering, project and operational management. We now have the opportunity to perform to a high standard to vindicate their decision to choose DM Civil over our industry competition