DM Civil

Women embrace the Civil Industry

March 2017

The traditionally male-dominated civil engineering industry is undergoing a transformation as more women are encouraged to move into the field. While still heavily outnumbered, women are embracing the sector, not only in engineering and traditional administration roles but also in posts ranging from health, safety and environmental protection, HR and field based positions.

Women at DM Civil relish the chance to build their career in the civil industry.

“It’s no secret this is a male-dominated industry, however, I don’t feel that this has ever been a massive hurdle for me,” says Integrated Systems Management Coordinator Malia Sharpe.

“I’m currently the only female in a department of five and I’m not treated any differently. I feel that if you back yourself, take your job seriously and you’re fluent in harmless banter then all is good.”

Human Resources Manager Cheng Rolfe says the industry has come a long way since she started 18 years ago.

“It has become very professional with high standards across the board,” Cheng says. “I’ve always been treated with respect and equality at DM Civil so gender has never been an issue in terms of my career progression.”

Cheng says women bring additional benefits to the field, over and above the role they fill. “Women provide a real balance of wisdom, empathy and emotional intelligence to a business,” she says. “By demonstrating your initiative and willingness to be involved in more, the opportunities are endless.”

Wenting Zhang, Estimating Engineer, still remembers winning her first tender. Tessa McGrath, Civil Engineer, says seeing a project through from tender to completed construction has been a career highlight.

“It can be challenging but the decision to work in the industry is yours to make,” says Administration Officer, Lisa Quarmby.

Receptionist Jodie McGougan says, “DM Civil is a fantastic family orientated company. Just having the knowledge that if the time arises, they are there to support you. Especially when it comes to having young kids.”

Asked what advice they’d give to other women considering a career in the civil industry, the advice is universal. “Go for it!” say the team at DM Civil.