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February 2018

As primary contractor, DM Civil provide comprehensive earthworks solutions, rehabilitation of contaminated sites as well as environmental and heritage management. We work closely with clients to achieve their environmental and strategic goals to deliver timeframes in various conditions.

Water Corporation, through its alliance partner for water infrastructure, Programmed Facility Management (PRA) has engaged Perth civil contractor DM Civil to demolish, remediate and replace the 70-year old timber bridge crossing at the Oaklands Main Drain on Gossage Road Cardup.

DM Civil’s ability to provide a diverse range of civil construction capabilities including demolition, remediation, earthworks, concrete works, culvert installation, pipeline bypass, traffic management and community liaison provides the Water Corporation with the confidence of contracting with them for this technical project.

Demolition of the existing timber bridge mid-February marked the start of a 6-week full road closure of Gossage Road between Kargotich Road and Hopkinson Road. This road closure involved considerable planning and consultation, working in conjunction with local residents, road users and emergency services delivering a tailored satisfactory solution fully supported by the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale.

Beneath the bridge the possibility of a different type of challenge presents with the diverting of surface flow in the drainage channel around the work site. Although it has been anticipated the drain would be dry during the construction period in the months of February-March, a summer storm sweeping through Perth in mid-January gave DM Civil a feel for a potential flow diversion scenario that it might have to deal with. While the tender schedule called for a bypass pumping of only 150 litre/sec, this January storm generated 850 litre/sec (estimated by the Consultant) of flood flow through the bridge location.

Work is well underway with completion expected mid-March 2018.

To learn more about how DM Civil can help your reach your environmental and strategic goals, get in contact with us today.

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