Community Engagement

At DM Civil, our commitment to social responsibility and community engagement is paramount. The nature of our industry and the values of our business give DM Civil the ability to raise awareness about social and environmental issues relevant to our people, our industry, our core business and our wider community.

Working in the community

Working extensively amongst the community on many of Western Australia’s major public utility assets we know our construction footprint impacts the community and their day to day lives. We go to great lengths and understand the importance of consulting, being transparent, listening and collaborating with all stakeholders to minimise these impacts and ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for both the community and our client.

Engaging local and Indigenous Businesses

Supporting local and or indigenous businesses across all aspects of our organisation is at the front of mind and runs true to three core values being Diverse, Motivated and Committed. Each opportunity to partner with local businesses is unique and relevant to the location and style of project being constructed. The goal of nourishing and nurturing local business opportunities and the longer lasting impact this has on them and the local community is highly valued and has underpinned our business success delivering many projects throughout Western Australia.

Direct Indigenous Engagement

Focusing our efforts on maintaining a direct employed workforce with an emphasis on training and development sees DM Civil maintain an Indigenous workforce more than many industry averages and project specific targets. Our approach has always been on sustainable “across the business” employment opportunities to enhance the success of delivering long term engagement.

Social Responsibility Events

Each year, DM Civil aligns itself with different organisations and charities to fundraise and increase awareness of their cause.

We have done several fund-raising events in support of:

Zonta House Refuge Association

Cancer Council WA

Epilepsy Action Australia