Our people make our business.

Under the guidance of the Board of Management, our experienced management team is well placed to ensure the successful delivery of projects through engineering, project and operational management solutions.

We are committed to developing a multi-skilled workforce with diverse experience across all of our capabilities. When you add to this our strong focus on career development, it means we can provide a team that is equipped to deliver a high level of performance to every one of our clients.


We own, operate and maintain all plant, equipment and vehicles. This guarantees we control the reliability, availability and flexibility of having the right machinery for each project, at the most competitive costs possible.

Each team member is a specialist in their field and they understand the importance of maintaining our fleet. They work closely with management to advise on acquisitions, refurbishment and retirement of plant and equipment to ensure our fleet complies with the highest industry specifications.

We continue to invest in our landmark premises in Maddington. Our plant and equipment workshop is fully equipped for managing, servicing and maintaining the entire fleet efficiently and in accordance with company expectations. To minimise downtime and maximise productivity, our fully trained team are available to carry out field servicing and can establish a portable workshop on remote location projects.

Investing in research and development, our fabrication workshop brings to life our innovative designs. Ranging from specialised components or attachments for major plant, to niche equipment used to improve safety and efficiencies in the workplace. These additional in-house capabilities ensure we remain cost effective and committed to providing quality equipment and value added solutions.


Our people are the heart and soul of our business. We support traditional values of career development, stable employment and job security. This allows us to attract and retain a high calibre workforce.

We are dedicated to ongoing training and promotion of our personnel. We develop and implement strategic internal
training courses to diversify the knowledge and skills delivered to our team.

Our leadership group is empowered to mentor employees, sharing information learned about company operations, safety and environmental best practice and client satisfaction.

Our commitment to training leverages our ability to improve workplace safety, employee satisfaction and career development.

Equal Opportunity

Recognising what the construction industry has to offer, DM Civil is committed to creating and improving employment and economic opportunities available to Indigenous Australians.

We have worked closely with many Aboriginal communities on various projects completed across Western Australia.

DM Civil is aware of the importance and value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders tradition and culture and aims to support general, as well as site or project specific cultural awareness programmes.

We will develop and seek out opportunities to enhance business relations with Aboriginal businesses, creating partnerships based on respect and good faith.

These values will be affirmed by our Aboriginal Participation Plan and DM Civil will continue to review our policies and procedures to ensure positive action is taken to achieve successful, mutual outcomes for the future.

Please refer to our Careers page for Current Opportunities.