Our recent project news and what's been happening at DM Civil.

DMC Trencher TRS1475

Trencher triumph for the Space Surveillance Telescope in Exmouth

July 2017

A new space surveillance telescope is to be relocated from New Mexico to an elevated position north of the township of Exmouth. The purpose of the installation is to track satellites and any space junk which may pose the threat of collision with those satellites.

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Focus on safety pays dividends

April 2017

A major focus on safety has seen DM Civil achieve more than 1135 days Lost Time injury free. We are also proud to have achieved a Serious Injury Frequency Rate (SIFR) of Zero.

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Women embrace the Civil Industry

March 2017

The traditionally male-dominated civil engineering industry is undergoing a transformation as more women are encouraged to move into the field.  While still heavily outnumbered, women are embracing the sector, not only in engineering and traditional administration roles but also in posts ranging from health, safety and environmental protection, HR and...

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Sustainability in Civil Developments

September 2016

In order to compete in a changing economy, Perth’s civil industries are striving to lower costs and increase efficiency. For sustainable development the need to utilize recycling methods is essential to help reduce our environmental impact and re-purpose resources.