Our recent project news and what's been happening at DM Civil.

DMC CCF Industry finalists

2021 CCF Training and Industry Awards

June 2022

CCF’s Training and Industry Awards night was held on Friday 20th May at Crown. Dale A. was a finalist for Supervisor of the Year and Bruce M. was a finalist for Plant Operator of the Year. Both categories were strong and hotly contested, with 8 and 7 nominees respectively.

DMC Bruce Shaw retirement

Bruce Shaw Retirement

June 2022

After 34 years, Bruce Shaw has officially retired!  No amount of words here can adequately describe his accomplishments both for the business and the industry, but here goes.

DMC atco header

ATCO Gas Contract

May 2022

After much anticipation and hard work from our management team, we’ve successfully secured the East Perth Power Station pipeline (EPPS) from our valued client ATCO Gas Australia, with the project set to commence in April 2022 and is expected for completion in December 2022.

DMC champion lakes 2022

Champion Lakes Residential Development - Bulk Earthworks

February 2022

DM Civil is often constructing jobs in site conditions that are other than what we expected and Champion Lakes has been no different. However, thanks to our forward-thinking Project Manager Glenn H., we have been able to minimise the impact and provide an innovative cost-effective solution for our valued client DevelopmentWA.

DMC CCF winners

2021 CCF Industry and Training Awards

June 2021

The 2020 CCF Industry and Training Awards was held on Friday 16th April and we were so thrilled to announce that Joshua, Richard and Tessa won their respective categories!

DMC pipes for fremantle

Pipes for Fremantle

January 2021

As part of the Water Corporations, Pipes for Fremantle project, DM Civil was an integral part in the renewal of 2.1 kms of ageing water mains with new pipelines in Fremantle. DM Civil was contracted to replace century-old cast iron water mains in the heart of Fremantle to ensure safe...

DMC Fremantle Drains

Replacing Centuries of Drains

December 2020

In the process of completing Main Drainage Upgrades within the heart of Fremantle, DM Civil uncovered a rare glimpse of drainage history. An 1800’s two foot by eleven-inch timber box drain used as the way to remove stormwater off the street and out to the swan river, solving a severe...