DM Civil


Pipelines have been the cornerstone of our business since 1976 and as a result, DM Civil is acknowledged as one of Western Australia’s most experienced and recognised civil contractors. We continue to prove that we can build any pipeline, anywhere.

Key Services

  • Water borefield, trunk and distribution mains
  • Water reticulation mains
  • Water irrigation mains
  • Sewerage pressure mains
  • Sewerage gravity mains
  • Gas mains
  • Drainage lines
  • Installation using MSCL Sintakotepolyethylene, GRP, PVC and DI pipe

Pipeline Construction projects

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Client references for Pipeline Construction

I am pleased to say that the operations team were extremely impressed with the quality of the asset that has been built.

The team that DM Civil placed on the project was excellent and the level of communication between Water Corporation team and DM Civil was definitely a key to the success of the project .

As a project team we are very pleased with the outcome, and also the manner in which it was achieved, where cooperation between the contractor and client created an environment where both parties achieved their goals.

Marc Griffiths
Principal Project Manager, Water Corporation

DM Civil embraced the Corporation’s commitments to landowners and worked closely with the Corporation to ensure that construction was carried out in accordance with these commitments. DM Civil worked collaboratively with the Corporation to constantly adapt to the changing ground conditions and continue pipe laying in extremely trying conditions during the peak of the winter rains whilst ensuring all environmental conditions placed on the project were met.

DM Civil demonstrated an excellent environmental and safety work ethic throughout the entire project and responded immediately to any issue the Corporation raised. DM Civil take pride in their work and this shines through at every level in the company. I would like to congratulate the whole team for doing a great job and look forward to the next opportunity to work with DM Civil.

Michael Mulrennan
Project Director, Water Corporation

Throughout the project, Russell and Paul demonstrated a high level of professionalism and commitment to quality, as did your entire crew. DM Civil staff were always suggesting innovative and cost saving ways to approach the project. They clearly were invested in ensuring that what work was done was work of which they could be proud.

It was a delight working with all the members of your team. Their creativity allowed us to achieve what would normally be unthinkable in terms of timing and quality. While the award was for project management, I wanted you to know that we couldn’t have done it without you and appreciate all you did.

Nancy J Churchill
Director, Lowes Churchill & Associates Pty Ltd

The works were completed in a professional manner, due attention to the contract restrictions including installation of the main through a sensitive environmental area and limited clearing in accordance with clearing permits.

The works were completed within the budget and programmed timeframes and DM Civil provided a cooperative and proactive attitude, in particular when implementing the above ground section of works. DM Civil’s approach to occupational health and safety and quality items was first class.

Sylvain Cabanel
Project Manager, Water Corporation / PPS Partnership

The Pipe construction was managed extremely well considering the complexity of the work, the interface with the road construction and the tight time constraints. Any difficult issues were recognised early and managed efficiently on site.

All DM Civil personnel on site readily accepted and put into practice all the Alliance principles defined in our charter. Not only was the pipe constructed to a very high quality but the pipe team contributed to excellent overall results in environment, safety and public relations.

David McGill
Alliance Manager, Stirling Alliance