Wellington Street 150CI Water Main Replacement

Replacement of the main water pipeline for the Water Corporation, along Wellington Street into Outram Street in the Perth CBD. Using our HDD trenchless technology, we minimised road traffic disruption and achieved our client’s strict deadline.

  • Client:

    Water Corporation

  • Location:

    West Perth WA

  • Construction Period:

    Oct 15 – Dec 15

  • Key Elements:

    • Pipeline construction
    • Water mains
    • MSCL sintakote installation
    • PE pipelines
    • Sewer pressure main
    • Trunk water mains
    • Distribution mains construction
    • Water main replacement

Project overview

The majority of the water infrastructure in the Perth’s CBD is made of Cast Iron pipe and ranges and is approx 60 to 80 years old. Water Corporation have identified that these mains are rapidly nearing the design life and in some cases have already exceeded it. Through the Perth Regional Alliance, sections of cast Iron pipe are being replaced with poly pipe, ensuring the water supplies for the thousands of workers and residents in the CBD into the future.

DM Civil were awarded a package to replace a section of 150mm CI pipe with a new 180 PE main along Wellington Street between Colin Street and Thomas Street in West Perth. Due to the number of existing services in the area including HV power, HP gas and numerous communication assets, the safest and most practical location for the new main was down the middle of the east bound traffic lanes. Therefore, considerable management was required to coordinate the traffic and the many residents living in the numerous apartment towers nearby.

The works also had to be completed before the 18th December to ensure unimpeded access into the CBD for the lead up to Christmas. This required an efficient and proactive approach in completing the works.

Significant achievements and benefits

The project had to meet the strict deadline of the 18th December 2015, which was an extremely tight construction window of six weeks. Through excellent coordination of resources onsite, subcontractors and liaison with the Water Corporation, the works were completed including the 6 connections to existing assets by the 18th December.

Part of the works required a 125mm Poly Pipe installation across Wellington Street into Outram Road. To minimise further disruption to traffic flows, DM Civil implemented HDD trenchless technology to complete this crossing. Through managing the drilling contractor and identifying the existing services in the vicinity of the drill shot in advance, this crossing was successfully completed with minimal effect on the local community.

DM Civil’s expertise in pipeline construction and project planning meant that the longest shutdown period in order to transfer a service from the old asset to new was only 1 hour. This was always done at the most convenient time to the property owner/occupier, ensuring the construction of this pipeline had minimal effect on the end user. Service Transfers ranged from 20mm copper through to 100mm PE domestic and 150mm fire services for the large apartment complexes located along Wellington Street.

Due to the congested nature of existing services in the CBD, thorough and detailed location of services was required along the alignment. Contending with high pressure gas, high voltage power alongside other major assets required meticulous planning and investigation to ensure all existing services were fully protected, which was achieved without compromise.

Download the Wellington Street 150CI Water Main Replacement project report