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30 years of valued service – thank you, Ben Spanjers and Maurice Doolan

June 2016

Congratulations and sincere appreciation to Ben and Maurice, who have both accomplished over 30 years of valued service with DM Civil. We asked them both a few questions about their experience and time with the company.

Maurice recalls starting work on his 28th birthday. His first Supervisor was Eric Spanjers and his first project was digging a bore pit in Morley Drive. One of his proudest achievements was completing the University of WA’s underpass on Stirling Hwy in 1993, pictured above. This was Maurice’s first job as a Supervisor and he is still pleased to be able to see this underpass today. The Stirling to Harvey Pipe and Roads Project in 2000 was one of Maurice’s most challenging projects due to the terrain, narrow working corridors and other obstacles.

Maurice’s fondest memory during his time with DM Civil was the birth of his 3 children. The biggest change he’s seen is in safety, with paperwork, rules and regulations. Maurice’s advice is to learn to be multi-skilled. He’s chosen to stay with the company for over 30 years because of the job security he’s had, the great and talented people he’s worked with and the memories of “the good old days.”

Ben was a fledgling 15 year old and started with Martin Hicks. Not to be eased into work lightly, the first project he worked on was in a remote Aboriginal community in Leonora. When asked if there was a project he is most proud about working on, he also recalls the Stirling to Harvey Project, as DM Civil formed part of the Stirling Alliance with Water Corporation and Brierty. This significant and keynote project went on to win state and national Case Earth Awards and 2 Engineers Australia’s Engineering Excellence Awards.

The most challenging project was in 1995/96 at the Hot Briquetted Iron Project in Port Hedland. Ben remembers BHP’s extensive rules and regulations made it very memorable!

Ben’s fondest memory came when he was promoted to Supervisor and if there was any advice he would give someone entering the industry now, he says to work hard, be diligent and follow the rules and regulations. Ben has enjoyed being loyal to the family business and the company of fellow workmates.

We thank Maurice and Ben for everything they have achieved in both their professional and personal lives. Their expertise has resulted in successful completion of countless projects but more importantly, their leadership, mentoring and mateship has seen the positive career development of many a past and present employee.

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