DM Civil

DM Civil Tesmec Trenching Rock Saws

December 2023

DM Civil is pleased to present our refurbished Tesmec trenching rocks saws. Both machines have been operating reliably in our fleet since 2010. Our Tesmec TRS1300 ‘Super’ is an 80 tonne machine driven by a 600 horsepower Cat C16 engine. Cut widths can be varied from 675mm to 950mm. The later model Tesmec TRS 1475 is a 100 tonne machine also driven by a 600 horsepower Cat C16 engine. Cut widths can be varied from 675mm, 1,050mm or 1,250mm. DM civil has re-engineered the booms to allow maximum reach, in order to produce up to 3.5m depth of cut, to an alternative shortened configuration with 2.5m depth of cut. The adjustment is achieved by removing a 1.0m long bolted box section and rejoining the boom. The drive chains are then shortened to suit the new length. The shorter boom lengths are designed to provide a steeper angle of attack for the rotating cutting pads, thereby providing more leverage for the trenching operation with corresponding faster production.

Due to the stringent requirements on site for the coming campaign, our machines have been broken down to expose all guards and mechanisms to allow for complete inspection and cleaning to meet the most stringent quarantine standards. Pressure blasting, steam cleaning and some full component replacement has taken place over a 3 month period.

Both machines have been grit blasted and repainted, including guards, cowlings, railings and other attachments, which were removed for the process. Track and roller guards were individually detailed, and track rollers replaced with new in most cases.

The cabins were stripped out of all trim and the steel shells repainted. Rewiring and fitting of new GPS units, opposite side-view cameras and instrumentation upgrades were carried out while the cabs were bare. The side view cameras now provide additional vision on the opposite side of the machine for increased safety in addition to the ground based spotter. The cabin trim internals including sound and heat insulation and operator chair have been renewed to meet quarantine requirements.

The remote site also presents challenges in reliability and the requirement for timely repairs in the event of a breakdown. A suite of spare parts will be available on-site and will include main drives, spoil conveyor belt, radiator, GET’s and GET keepers.

Our rock saws have been used from the Great Southern region to the Darling Scarp, Perth metropolitan, the Mid-West, Goldfields, North West Cape and the Pilbara. Each area has its own challenging rock types including sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. The former are generally able to be removed at reasonable production rates, while the removal of granitic rock depends on the degree of weathering and fracture pattern. This degree of weathering is also influenced by the depth of cut required.

Operation and maintenance of trenching rock saws is a key element in the capacity to guarantee production. The standard site crew required for both machines consists of an operator and a ground based spotter, who continually monitors conditions around the machine, including potential interaction with other vehicles. This may include operating a trailer mounted water source for dust suppression and cooling of drive mechanisms. The spotter is in contact with the operator by two way radio and visually around the cab and the opposite side two way camera.

The benefit to the client in engaging DM Civil to trench for pipelines and services in hard ground or even pindan sands, is efficiency. That is value for money. In moderate to hard ground conditions, the usual requirement for provisional rock payment allowance can be limited to only high strength unweathered igneous rock.