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New Contracts Awarded – Millars Landing

July 2018

Millars Landing Stage 1A reached practical completion on 15th May 2018. Based on our performance and the proactive attitude of our project team, DM Civil was asked to submit a quote for the next stage, Millars Landing Stage 1B. We also tendered for a new Type 40 waste water pump station (WWPS) and pressure main (PM) which will service the subdivision and future development. We also priced the installation of the gravity sewer main extension and water main between Stage 1A and the new WWPS.

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful on all three bids, with works scheduled to start in early July. The WWPS has a contract duration of 16 weeks and Stage 1B, including the sewer extension, will be constructed over a contract period of 21 weeks.

The pump station is approximately 10m deep with excavation in wet clayey material which will require extensive dewatering and ASS management. The pump station wet well will be constructed using precast concrete segments and the project includes all the associated inlet/outlet pipework, pumps, instrumentation, SCADA control and overflow storage. To ensure the pump station can be brought on line we will also be installing a pressure main and electrical connection between the pump station and Baldivis Road.

Stage 1A is a regular subdivision which includes minor earthworks, sewer reticulation, stormwater and subsoil drainage, water reticulation, roadworks, laterite block retaining walls, underground power and a communication network. It also includes the 900m gravity sewer linking the subdivision to the new pump station.

The project team involved with Millars Landing Stage 1A will continue to provide quality outcomes for our client throughout these additional projects.

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