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Urgent replacement of failing aged water main in Newman

July 2016

Having built a close and long standing working relationship with Western Australia’s Water Corporation, DMC was recently called upon to urgently complete a replacement water main for Rudall Street Newman.

To assist the local region of Water Corporation with continuity of their customer services, DM Civil devised a bypass arrangement which maintained full pressure to our new main as well as the existing main which was still feeding the house connections while the new main was tested and commissioned. This design gave the flexibility to the crew to cross-connect the existing feed lines to the new main with timing suited to individual householders and their daily schedules.

With prior planning by the DM Civil construction team, the excavations was prepared efficiently to reduce the risk of down-time or a blowout of the thrusted bends. Precast concrete blocks were constructed on-site and craned into position to give immediate restraint to bends to withstand the thrust forces of a fully charged main, rather than using the conventional rapid set concrete solution. Major adjustments also had to be implemented by our team to match the alignment of the existing main whilst meeting Water Corporation design standards for the new works.

DM Civil was able to deliver the cut-over process in 4.5 hours, well within the 6 hour timeframe allocated. There was very minimal disruption to local residents and the Water Corporation was able to provide crucial water services back to the community in a fast and efficient manner.

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