Warradale Terrace and Rogers Way Pressure Mains

Construction of Warradale Terrace and Rogers Way Pressure Mains.

  • Client:

    Water Corporation

  • Location:


  • Construction Period:

    Oct 21 – Apr 22

Project overview

Due to continued growth in the Northern Perth corridor, the Warradale Terrace Wastewater Pumping Station was reaching its ultimate capacity.  Water Corporation engaged DM Civil to construct upgrade works to the Wastewater system including:

  • Approximately 1,620 metres of DN315 PN20 PE100 (HDPE) sewer pressure main between Mirrabooka Avenue and Furniss Way, including connections to existing infrastructure.
  • Approximately 1,470 metres of DN400 PN20 PE100 (HDPE) sewer pressure main between Rogers Way and Parri Road, including connections to existing infrastructure.
  • Approximately 90 cubic metres of additional emergency storage to be installed at the Warradale Terrace Sewer Pumping Station site. The storage consisted of two parallel strings of emergency storage pipes with each string consisting of 8 sections of buried DN1,800 reinforced concrete pipe connected to the pump station by DN300 PVC pipe and fittings.

The majority of the proposed pipeline route was within road pavements and included a significant crossing of the Gnangara Road and Hartman Drive Intersection.

DM Civil proposed and implemented alternative construction methodologies by constructing the majority of the pipeline works by trenchless techniques which greatly reduced the impact of the works on local businesses.

Significant achievements and benefits

The design alignment of the pressure main using open cut methods had a significant impact on local businesses. DM Civil proposed to install the majority of the pipelines by trenchless methods (Horizontal Directional Drilling) to significantly reduce the construction impact.

The pipeline route also required two significant road crossings including Hartman Drive and Gnangara Road. These road crossings were completed in accordance with MRWA requirements including the installation of a DN600 RCP jacking pipe sleeve. This was constructed using our Iseki TCS500 microtunnelling machine. The microtunnels were completed to stringent line and level tolerances and completed without disruption to traffic.

DM Civil completed the HDPE installation works utilising in-house welding capabilities as one of the Water Corporation approved Critical Works Panel members for HDPE welding. This allowed for a far greater level of control over the progress and timing of the works as there were no delays sustained as would normally be the case due to pausing for subcontractor works.

The overflow storage at the Warradale Pumping Station was constructed adjacent to Landsdale Primary School. This required additional levels of security and consultation to ensure the safety of the school children and to minimise impacts to upcoming school events. For example, when the school had a sports carnival planned during the construction timeframe,  DM Civil worked with the school to minimise the construction footprint and staged the works with no disruption to the schools sports carnival.

The input from DM Civil to extend the length of trenchless construction provided the client with significant positive feedback from local business. With the overall project completed on time and budget with minimal disruption to residents or local businesses, this was also a successful outcome for DM Civil.