Broomehill Water Supply Offtake Removal

Broomehill and Tambellup are supplied with potable drinking water through a reticulated pipeline network controlled by the Water Corporation. Broomehill is serviced from an 80 Megalitre tank on a 15 metre high elevated stand located on Lot 675 to the North-East of town.

  • Client:

    Water Corporation

  • Location:

    Broomehill Village WA

  • Construction Period:

    Apr 23 – May 23

Project overview

The existing offtake to the gravity feed section is connected to two underground pits consisting of valves and asbestos pipework which were in poor condition.

Water Corporation is planning to replace the existing tank with larger capacity units. This requires the gravity feed reticulation network to connect to the existing offtake from distribution network using pressure reducing valves.

This project involved the demolition of the two existing pits, removal of old pipework and valves and installation of new pipework and valves at Broomehill townsite.

The design required a new concrete slab and fencing around the above-ground valve site and a contractor supplied fabrication drawing for the stainless steel pipe spools.

DM Civil’s experience in pipe cut-ins, removal of asbestos pipe and shutdown planning for critical assets was crucial to this project.

Significant achievements and benefits

The scope of works required a multi-skilled crew to be selected. They were required to have competencies in water reticulation construction, asbestos pipe removal, traffic control, mechanical work, and road reinstatement. This reduced reliance on subcontractors not trained in DM Civil procedures essential for safe, quality work.

Cut-ins to the existing distribution main including demolition of the existing valve pit, installation of new valves, pipes, and an air valve had to be completed within an 8 hour shutdown period. DM Civil crews pre-planned this shutdown sequence including the pre-assembly of all valves and pipe spools in time to minimise the scale and time of isolation related interruptions.

With remote projects, planning and logistics are important to avoid delays on site through late deliveries of plant and materials. A good relationship formed with the local Water Corporation regional office resulted in a contingency supply for water fittings and consumables. Last minute items could then be procured and replaced during regular deliveries. In turn, DM Civil was also able to assist the region with personnel and equipment during critical shutdowns.

The project was completed well ahead of programme and with not even minor incidents, medical treatments or lost time injuries. This good result reinforced the effectiveness of the DM Civil safety management procedures that form a part our integrated management system. This also vindicated the decision by Water Corporation to award of this contract to DM Civil.

The replacement of the below standard assets and construction of the pressure regulation infrastructure will enhance the network performance to ensure that the Broomehill town centre will be serviced with a safe and reliable potable water source to suit the new hydraulic configuration.

Download the Broomehill Water Supply Offtake Removal project report