DM Civil


November 2017

Why is diversity so important in this current market? In recent years the civil construction industry has faced numerous challenges and continues to evolve with economic, political and social changes, heightened focus on environmental sustainability, disruptive technologies and project complexities, to name a few. Being able to provide diverse capabilities, in-house support and flexibility are key to answering our clients’ needs.

Since 1976, DM Civil has consistently delivered quality, innovative and diverse civil construction solutions across Perth and throughout regional Western Australia.Our latest project map for 2017 highlights our continued ability to deliver all of our diverse capabilities irrespective of the location.

We understand that every client is different. DM Civil offers rapid response and flexibility to unique construction challenges, tailored for each project. We own and maintain our plant and equipment, ensuring streamlined logistics and material supply to remote locations. We have successfully completed necessary infrastructure projects in remote aboriginal communities.

To be diverse, you need experience. DM Civil directly employs our multi-skilled workforce. Our entire team from management and engineers to supervisors and labourers have specialised experience across all of our capabilities.

Our success stems from a core principle of building strong relationships with our diverse clients and key project stakeholders. We embed ourselves in, liaise with and support local communities. We engage with and commercially support local business. Minimising our construction footprint and impact on communities is at the forefront of our project delivery.

DM Civil’s diversity is reflected in our people, our proven capacity to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes, the businesses we collaborate with and the communities in which we operate. Being diverse is at the core of our continued success.

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